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Below you can find a summary of the medical information of the clinical studies that are currently conducted at our center or are planned in the near future. This can help you to contact our center, after first consulting your treating physician.

But first, we want to underline that every study conducted at our center has been approved by one of the central ethical committees of the Flemish universities. This garantees that the study is conducted according the applicable legal and ethical regulations. Your safety is always our number one priority!

For the  clinical studies below we are looking for patients.

Questions? Our study manager  Linde Buntinx, PhD, is happy to help! You can always reach her by telephone (011/31.65.28) or by e-mail (


    Sleepiness during the day (Hypersomnia)

    This study investigates a new medical treatment for patients that are so tired during the day that they also sleep during the day.

    No treatments are currently available on the market in our country for these patients.

  • June 2020

    Major Depression - DRIVING STUDY

    This study investigates the effect of a new antidepressant on the driving ability of patients already taking a standard antidepressant. During this study, we will work with driving tests on the road in collaboration with the University of Maastricht. Participants will receive an appropriate compensation.

  • July 2020

    Biomarker study in Depression and Post-traumatic stress disorder

    This study investigates the behavior of a substance in the blood, varying within day/night ritm, in patients with depression and/or post-traumatic stress disorder. This study runs in collaboration with UZ Leuven and UZ Antwerp.

  • July 2020

    Treatment Resistant Depression

    This study investigates a new and possibly more effective treatment  for patients that suffer from depression and already tried 2 different antidepressive treatments without any beneficial effect.

  • July 2020

    Vaccination study in elderly

    This study investigates a new vaccine for the prevention of invasive ExPEC disease (IED), an acute illness consistent with systemic bacterial infection, in an elderly population (60-85 years old) with a medical history of urinary tract infection (UTI).

    Vaccinatie van je huisdier | WelloPet