Thank you for your interest in our clinical research center Anima Research Center or ARC, specialized in investigating new medicines in patients.


Below you can find some more information about our center and our research projects.

But first we want to let you know that every study conducted in our center is always supervised  by one of the central ethical committees of the Flemish universities.  This assures that everything is conducted according to the applicable legal and ethical rules.  For example, the information- and consent form that you are asked to sign before participating is always approved by such a committee. Your safety during participation in one of our studies is always our priority. The research programs itself are mostly commissioned by internationally renowned pharmaceutical companies like Janssen Pharmaceutica.  On logistic level, we are mostly supported by one of the largest companies worldwide specialised herein namely IQVIA (previously known as Quintiles). Together, these elements make sure that the study you’re participating in is garanteed by the highest quality standards.

Our highly specialised team is led by principal investigator and CEO Dr. Erik Buntinx, MD-psychiatrist. The daily management of the research center and the coordination of the research projects is the responsibility of site manager Linde Buntinx, PhD BioMedical Sciences.

Our team is further supported by co-investigators Dr. Caroline Dejonckheere, psychiatrist, Dr. Hilde Bollen, GP, en Dr. Jente Blokken, GP in training, responsible for the conduct of necessary neuro-psychiatric and physical examinations. Last but not least, our medical secretary Mrs. Christa Menten is responsible for the daily administration.

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